Gateway Homecare Offers Choice and Control to Individuals with Support Issues

Gateway Homecare is a division of CCA Training Ltd with combined staff experience of working with vulnerable people to achieve more fulfilled lives. Gateway Homecare offers Choice and Control to Individuals with support issues. We will help you manage a personal budget and organise the help you need to lead a better quality of life.

Services We Provide

Black Minority Ethnic (BME) Support

We will work closely with individuals who classify themselves as being from a black, minority ethnic community. We will help you to identify services which are culturally appropriate, in particular, organisations that can cater for your cultural or ethnic needs

"I wouldn't go anywhere else"

Mental Health Support

"My career is like a family member"

Gateway Homecare will support individuals with mental health issues to help you manage a personal budget, advise you about the options and help you organise the support you need. We can also advise you on how to purchase anything you need to achieve what you want to get out of life. The service is focused on improving the quality of life and well being of individuals, providing a service which gives real choice and control to people with mental health issues.

Dementia Support

Gateway Homecare has extensive experience in providing direct services to adults and older people from all communities and backgrounds. The service is focussed on improving the quality of life and well being of individuals.

"Gateway Homecare has been a solid source of support"

Compasionate Care

Gateway Homecare provides a service to people who have been assessed as needing assistance to meet their social and personal needs. Our holistic approach to homecare recognises the individuality of each person and our care programmes are designed to put the person in control of the decisions for the service to fit in with their preferred lifestyle. We will provide this support in your own home at times preferable and convenient to you, or socially within your agreed specification. Our packages are fully personalised and give flexibility to individuals who may control their individual budgets. We place the rights of the people who use our service at the forefront of our philosophy of care.

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