Gateway Homecare Offers Choice and Control to Individuals with Support Issues

Gateway Homecare is a division of CCA Training Ltd with combined staff experience of working with vulnerable people to achieve more fulfilled lives. Gateway Homecare offers Choice and Control to Individuals with support issues. We will help you manage a personal budget and organise the help you need to lead a better quality of life.

Support Broker

How can a Support Broker help me?

A support worker is someone or an organisation who can help individuals in receipt of a personal budget to develop their support plan and help them arrange how they will spend their money.

What Does a Support Broker Do?

Personal Budgets

What are personal budgets?

A personal budget is the amount of money given to a person who is eligible for social care.

Who can get a personal budget?

Adult social care services can complete an assessment with you and the outcome will tell you if you are eligible for a personal budget. Contact Nottinghamshire county council on: 08449 808080 for more information.

If I am eligible for a personal budget, what happens next?

Once you know how much your personal budget is, you agree a support plan detailing how you want to spend the budget. You then choose how to pay for your support services using the following options:

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